Vegan Diet Once a Week

words by Logan Kemp

How to stay lean all year round? Well one of the secrets, and a very effective one for that matter, is to consume a vegan diet at least one day a week. Choose to do this on Mondays after a social weekend which means we don’t always eat perfectly. 

BREAKFAST Vegetarian Burrito 1 beaten egg (skip the egg if you’re going vegan), 2 tbsp of soy milk, tbsp chopped onion, 1/2 cup shredded low fat or soy cheddar, cooking spray & 1 wholemeal tortilla.


SNACK Vegan yoghurt with 50g of blueberries, half a green apple and 100g of rockmelon. 

LUNCH Herbivore: Rice & Lentils 1 cup of rice, half a cup of lentils. Add onion, peppers, garlic, curry &/or chilli powder for taste. Rice and lentils offer two different types of protein so you get to enjoy the benefits of both here. Not to mention all the other health benefits this meal offers, such as fibre, further aiding weight loss! 

Snack 10g of almonds 10g of walnuts 10g of cashews (RAW) 

DINNER Herbivore: Chunky Chilli Soup with Tofu Onion, pepper, garlic, mushroom, chilli powder, tomato sauce, large can of kidney beans & 1 large packet of tofu. Soup is a great filler. It has a high satiety rating, keeping your insulin levels stable and less likely to get any sugar urges after dinner or even as late as the next morning.

Posted on July 30, 2015 .