Power of Cold Showers

Right now, I hope to change your perspective of the one thing that you look forward to each morning (besides breakfast… yum) - getting into a nice hot shower. 

So my tip this week focuses on the power of COLD SHOWERS

To provide a little bit of context - not surprisingly around the time I started following Tim Ferriss and Jerome Jarre (almost 4 years ago) the perception of my own comfort zone changed forever. What Tim and Jerome insisted is that I write down my list of fears and focus on tackling them every day for 30 days, or until the fear was no more. For me this included; 

1. Feeding the cows - they would come storming over and were often quite aggressive when they saw the bright yellow bucket containing the food.

2. Driving with my shoes on - I first learnt how to drive with my shoes off and it became a habit up until 30 days past and I could then confidently drive any car with my shoes on.

3. Cold showers!!

The question they asked was this; if you can’t be uncomfortable for 5 mins where the only person effected is you, how can you expect to make life changing decisions where the number of people effected far outnumbers just you? 

So I did what they said and took a cold shower every day for 30 days. For the first week I squealed like a little baby but always after 30 seconds, I was fine. Turns out that there’s more to cold showers than just self torture. There are 3 key benefits;

1. You face a challenge first thing in the morning! - Who else do you know wakes up and smashes a fear, what a great kickstart to your day!

2. It is practice being uncomfortable and will kickstart the self inflicted pressure of always seeking discomfort where possible to ensure you are always stepping outside of your comfort zone in all facets of life. You will practice handling the same excuses we tell ourselves everyday when faced with a big decision; “I’m not quite ready”, “I can do this tomorrow”, “no one in their right mind would do this”

3. When exposed the cold water, the body releases a hormone called Serotonin - the “feel good” hormone that helps the body fight off hyperthermia. Your body doesn't know how long you will be under the cold shower so it releases enough to keep your body in balance for hours. This means you will be walking around, feeling untouchable long after you leave the cold shower.

I have taken cold showers now everyday for 3 years and I feel like if I don’t, I’ll be mean to people and not my usual energetic self. Before every big meeting, I’ll take a cold shower. Before any date with a beautiful girl, I’ll take a cold shower. It has been the main cause for the awesome pressure I have put on myself to always tackle discomfort whenever and wherever I can. Like a drug, it is a gateway to expanding ones mind and creating strict behavioural habits.

So my challenge to all of you is to wake up tomorrow and not make the comfortable decision to take a hot shower, but turn the temperature to cold and let me know how it feels.

Posted on May 17, 2016 .