3 Keys to Stay Fit and Stress Free While Travelling

by Logan Kemp


A lot of long distance travel is spent sitting down on planes, boats, buses or other modes of transport. The body is designed to move, so why not at each destination join a walking tour of the city as its a chance to stretch your legs and see the city more in depth at your own pace , rather than from the top of a bus or rushed places. In Paris for example I used a distance tracker to monitor my movement while I planned out a route to cover the majority of the attractions I wanted to see and the end result was 22km covered or the equivalent to a half marathon. If you need to train, book a place with a gym, locate a gym within the city or take a band as it requires minimal room.


If you're worried about over indulging on holiday, don't..! just be smart with your choices, book a place with a kitchen or don't be afraid to ask at a restaurant to suit your needs. Try not to be a sheep and once on holiday, decide you're gluten free when you eat it at home. Time your meals so you can enjoy them. In Italy it's very carb heavy, so I used Intermit Fasting as a way to enjoy all the meals without going over board and still tried every thing on the menu but within the time frame that allowed me to enjoy the meal. (more info on Intermit Fasting coming soon)

Expanding Boundaries

This one was the biggest factor for me as it challenges you to go out your comfort zone but has the biggest rewards. As much as the Eiffel Tower or Colosseum are terrific and definitely recommend seeing, they are very commercialised. When traveling, it's great to experience the culture, escape the crowds and immerse yourself in another's way of life. An example of this came when I was in Paris, heading away from the main tourist hubs and walking the back streets of Parisian neighbourhoods. I was able to gain a sense of true French culture and see a different side of the city, away from all the chaos. 

Another point is to try pick up the basics of another language of whatever country you're in as it helps break down barriers with the locals as you're actually trying to fit into their way of life. Also if they don't understand you, don't try yell louder thinking they'll understand you better.

Finally as terrific as hotels are, you lose that sense of travel and experience holed up in a plush 5 star accommodation. Try book in a hostel if traveling alone as you meet other travellers who are sharing the same experience as you, or take advantage of websites like Air BnB as you can book a room or an apartment with a local who's place it is and they can give you better insight to their city than any tour map could. By no means am I suggesting how you should travel, just sharing a point with what helped me gain a great experience and see the world through others eyes.

Posted on August 29, 2015 .