SI Empire - How to Hack the Travellers Mentality

If you were to close eyes and think about being in your happy place, where you feel at peace, what would you see? 

It surely isn't looking down at a phone, or sitting in front of a TV or in a office somewhere. It's likely to be at the beach, in the rainforest or somewhere quiet and away from technology. This is because we are hardwired to feel joy, relaxation and excitement from nature. 

So as much talk as there is about social media and how it is changing the way we live for both positive and negative reasons, I want to take a time out and redirect our focus to everything going on around us outside of the 6 inches in front of our face. 

This video is for those who see great beauty in this world and are wanting to break the shackles that are stopping us from really enjoying mother nature.

Try out this one easy technique and let me know if it has any impact on your headspace, your behaviour or your appreciation for this world in any way.

Posted on November 6, 2015 .