What Rugby Taught Me About Life

In my 10+ years playing Rugby, I was never the fastest, the strongest, the biggest or the most skilled, and that is reflected in my relatively short list of accomplishments. Having represented North Harbour, Brisbane and a few other regional teams, I felt like I was always close to living up to my potential – until the last couple years, which has resulted in me taking a break from the game. Stepping out has given me the opportunity to reflect on past times and lessons I have learnt along the way – things that Rugby has taught me about Life.

Posted on February 12, 2016 .

SI Empire - How to Hack the Travellers Mentality

If you were to close eyes and think about being in your happy place, where you feel at peace, what would you see? 

It surely isn't looking down at a phone, or sitting in front of a TV or in a office somewhere. It's likely to be at the beach, in the rainforest or somewhere quiet and away from technology. This is because we are hardwired to feel joy, relaxation and excitement from nature. 

So as much talk as there is about social media and how it is changing the way we live for both positive and negative reasons, I want to take a time out and redirect our focus to everything going on around us outside of the 6 inches in front of our face. 

This video is for those who see great beauty in this world and are wanting to break the shackles that are stopping us from really enjoying mother nature.

Try out this one easy technique and let me know if it has any impact on your headspace, your behaviour or your appreciation for this world in any way.

Posted on November 6, 2015 .

3 Keys to Stay Fit and Stress Free While Travelling

SI Empire Health Associate Logan Kemp has spent the last 5 weeks traveling through Europe, an extended break that not many full time personal trainers could realise each year. During his travels he has been ensuring his health and lifestyle is not only managed but progressed, despite the temptation for excess amounts of pasta, wine and cheese. Here is what Coach Kemp has to say about staying fit and stress free while traveling. 

Posted on August 29, 2015 .

3 Keys To Hypertrophy Training

I was the small kid at school - you know, the one always seated in the front left row of every team photo. Perhaps this fuelled my passion for learning about strength and conditioning, in hopes one day to transform the body I was born with, and maybe turning it into a career path.

Hypertrophy is one training style that promotes lean muscle growth; so if you are looking to gain size, these 3 key principles may help you better understand this method:


1. Decreased speed of movement – slow and steady is the key
Eccentric phase (weight moving down, controlled resistance)– 3 seconds
Isometric phase (weight steady, pause) – 1 second
Concentric phase (weight moving up, most muscle effort) – 1 second

2. Increased reps or perform ‘til failure
You need to maximise the muscle workload and time under tension, to promote muscle fibre micro-tears.  Just be careful not to take it too far and cause damage or injury.

3. Do not ‘lock out’
Keep your joints moving.
By not locking out at the end of each rep, the muscles do not have a chance to rest, which will further increase the muscles time under tension

There are many training techniques that can help modify your body shape, and advice from a personal trainer is recommended before beginning any new training regime. If gaining muscle mass is your current fitness goal, email us, and Logan can design you a programme.

Posted on August 9, 2015 .

Vegan Diet Once a Week

words by Logan Kemp

How to stay lean all year round? Well one of the secrets, and a very effective one for that matter, is to consume a vegan diet at least one day a week. Choose to do this on Mondays after a social weekend which means we don’t always eat perfectly. 

BREAKFAST Vegetarian Burrito 1 beaten egg (skip the egg if you’re going vegan), 2 tbsp of soy milk, tbsp chopped onion, 1/2 cup shredded low fat or soy cheddar, cooking spray & 1 wholemeal tortilla.


SNACK Vegan yoghurt with 50g of blueberries, half a green apple and 100g of rockmelon. 

LUNCH Herbivore: Rice & Lentils 1 cup of rice, half a cup of lentils. Add onion, peppers, garlic, curry &/or chilli powder for taste. Rice and lentils offer two different types of protein so you get to enjoy the benefits of both here. Not to mention all the other health benefits this meal offers, such as fibre, further aiding weight loss! 

Snack 10g of almonds 10g of walnuts 10g of cashews (RAW) 

DINNER Herbivore: Chunky Chilli Soup with Tofu Onion, pepper, garlic, mushroom, chilli powder, tomato sauce, large can of kidney beans & 1 large packet of tofu. Soup is a great filler. It has a high satiety rating, keeping your insulin levels stable and less likely to get any sugar urges after dinner or even as late as the next morning.

Posted on July 30, 2015 .