Why white needs to feature in your summer wardrobe:

There is a large fraction of the male population who see the colour white as being 'metro,' I just want to clear the stigma up really quickly. Firstly I would like to reveal the potential origins of this belief.

- A man should be ready to get down on his hands and knees and change a tire at any moment, and you can't do this wearing white.
- No man can be trusted with food and drink, they will spill.
- You can wear a white t shirt, but not white pants as well.

During the 2014/15 summer, I took it upon myself to counter these common beliefs. The worst thing that happened? A girls makeup rubbed on the shoulder of my blazer during the Auckland Races, brown foundation and bright red lipstick. This only resulted in 2 hovering and snickering gentlemen pointing out the fact that it was a risk to wear white but only a "pimp" would have that badge of honour. 

Wearing white has a way of jumping out and effecting people, and for me, that is a much greater result than being looked at as 'okay' or 'good'. If you are going to stand out in a crowd and show off your outgoing personality, what better colour to wear than white? The only opinions people will be able to form of you is that you are a risk taker, you have a personal style, you are different to the majority and you give a shit about what you look like.

I rest my case.

Posted on July 7, 2015 .