Simple Tip to Increase Referral Business

words by Nelson Patchett

Referral business and the idea of ‘word of mouth’ may be seen as a dying brand of marketing, being replaced by social media and other modern marketing platforms.  Perhaps in this modern age we have become so accustomed to communicating electronically, that we can be intimidated by the thought of personal interaction.

Most business owners are concerned with 3 things: how to increase revenue, how to reduce expenses and how to increase efficiency.  Taking advantage of the potential for referral business might tick all of these boxes.

So, a key question that business owners could have at the front of their mind is:

“Do you know anyone else who…?”

Asking this simple question, can allow for anyone to become a referrer of your business.

At the end of sales calls, before you hang up the phone, ask this question.

After the completion of a job, before you send them your invoice, ask this question.

At a networking event, before you leave any interaction, ask this question.

Timing isn’t the issue, it’s the delivery; and the key criteria for the delivery, is that it gets delivered.

While it may seem awkward to ask the question, what’s the worse that can happen?  Sure, you may get ‘No’, but it is more likely to be a ‘No, sorry.’, ‘No, but I’ll keep it in mind’, ‘No, not at the moment, but I’ll pass your details on if I do’ – all good ‘Nos’.  You’ve at least planted the seed for future referral.

On the flip side - you may get a ‘Yes’ that could lead to more business.  Easy.

If this is something that could fit your business, give it a go.  

Posted on August 3, 2015 .