5 Social Media Tips and Tricks

Wether you're building your business' social media presence or looking to enhance your personal brand, it pays to understand where everyone's eyes and ears are at all times. Social media is that place, it's time to take full advantage of it. Here are 5 things I have learnt about social media, and how best to leverage the platforms and underutilised capabilities.

1. Treat the phone/computer screen like valuable real estate – fill the entire space with value. This goes not only for advertising (since you are indeed paying for the space on a screen), but for general content as well. We only have seconds to make an impression on our followers, let's ensure they have every chance to see what we are sharing. So, what does this mean for content creation? No whitagram, Instagram's new feature allows you to use full sized images which fill the entire screen, so now you don’t have to take every photo on square. With Facebook, search the dimensions for each photo space, then customise your photos to fit perfectly. 

2. Imagine your bestfriend, your boyfriend/girlfriend, parents, employers, the media are all reading it. With my experience in sharing content that can be controversial at times, it pays to take the time to ensure you are winning the balancing act - not too tame, not too provocative. By going through this mental checklist, you will be sharing “Teflon” material, no matter where you share it, no negative reaction will stick. Give them no ammo to fire back and you will limit opportunities for hate.

3. Text is shit, phone call is okay but face-to-face meeting is best. With digital media owning the space of conversation, we must not lose sight of the power of real life interactions. If you ask anyone what their dream meeting was, they will tell you it happened in person. If you need to apologise, thank someone, ask someone out, etc. organise a time to see them in person.

4. Straighten your Instagram pictures!!! I see this so often and the 2 seconds it takes to adjust an image on Instagram/Facebook, will bring exponential value to your images. Go look at the most successful social media influencers, you will never see them on a beach with a diagonal horizon. Straighten that shit up!

5. Find and engage with users who have similar themes. First, search a hashtag that suits your theme (#mensfashion, #travelgram, #foodlover, etc.) and scroll through and either like and/or comment on every photo. For every 100 likes/comments, I usually attract another 6 unique followers. Give it a shot.

Posted on December 22, 2015 .