How to Harness the Power of Affirmations

I want to take a look at the idea of affirmations and how to rewire your brain to create a self-fulfilling prophecy. I also want to put forth one challenge to takeaway and put into practice.

So, what do all lucky people have in common? – They always say they’re lucky.

What do all unlucky people have in common? - They always say they’re unlucky.

Without knowing, both cases are forms of affirmations. If you believe there is a chance to discover something amazing, you will be actively attracting that positive experience into your reality. That is the universal Law Of Attraction. On the other hand, if you are of the belief that there is nothing more to the world than what you see right in front of you, you will never see anything but that. 

To give you another example of the incredible power that our mind holds, I ask you to imagine this - 

Picture yourself walking through a crowded room, into a wall of white noise, you then hear your name. Somehow through all the madness, as soon as we hear our name being called we have the ability to block out all other audio distractions and zone into that particular conversation. Our name has been hardwired to remain at the front of our minds because we deem it an important thing to remember. So what if we can rewire our minds to focus more on what is important to us in the short term like a goal perhaps? Acknowledging the fact that this goal is important to us, we then can allow our brains to help set that goal into motion.

Your subconscious mind accepts the truth in which you keep saying. It attracts corresponding events and experiences into your life - whether they are good or bad , it is up to you to decide which reality you wish to attract. So why not choose only positive statements, in order to get positive results? It is so much easier for your mind to prove itself right than it is to prove it wrong. If you think something bad will happen, your subconscious will make it so.

Challenge time!!

Select a specific goal/affirmation that you wish to achieve/come true within the next 3-6 months.

Examples include:

- “I will quit my job and start my own business”

- “I will become a best selling author”

- “I will get over my ex and meet someone new”

This needs to be of great importance to you and is something you can visualize.

Write it down or speak it aloud 15 times a day while visualizing what it would look like if you were to achieve it. Or if you want to rig the system to help yourself win and make it habitual, start off with 5-10 times and build up.

Go forth and take charge of your reality - lets make magic happen.

Posted on November 30, 2015 .