SI Empire: (noun)

a community of ambitious individuals, aspiring to self improvement. Where you will learn the ins and outs of fashion, business and social dynamics.



You will have access to industry leaders, gaining insights into what makes them tick and how you can apply their knowledge in your own life. 


It's one thing to have gained insights and knowledge, but execution is key. We will provide you with opportunities to engage with and practice your new skills with likeminded individuals.   


Set new goals and smash your comfort zone. This is a platform to share your stories and make consistent improvements to your life.


"Over the past 6 months , I have worked closely on an action package put together by Nelson and the team at SI EMPIRE. Key focus areas in this action package stemmed from a lack of confidence I felt in social and professional interactions. Since working on the individual areas of personal development prescribed in my action package , I have noticed a significant improvement in my confidence and ability to talk to about anything with anybody.  Some of my recent outings have enabled me to put these skills to work. I have successfully been able to go out and socialise with others on an intellectual and personal level. Discussing an array of topics using simple tips such as randomly starting a conversation with someone I don't know have allowed me to not only expand my social circle, but also build self confidence previously unknown. I look forward to continuing to make inroads in 2016 with the SI EMPIRE team!" - Shaun Tupou (@tupoushaun)

"For me, being apart of the SI Empire has aided my progress in both my social and business oriented aspirations. It has been truly liberating to have constant support of like-minded entrepreneurs, social societies and health enthusiasts who are connected through this platform. Such connectively and ongoing motivation has enabled me to explore different ways of addressing others, in a variety of public and work related situations. SI Empire, I believe, is where all aspiring individuals can learn how others think, feel and act in life’s adventures" - Heath Mitchell (@heathmitchellfitness)

“After listening to your evaluation, it was clear, useful and enjoyable! I learnt some practical ways about how to overcome a plateau and this has reinforced my ambition to continue to improve myself and iv gained more confidence in myself what I want to achieve. I would definitely like to have more Q&A sessions as they are beneficial and look forward to more of your work! Thank you” - Keith (@novawalker14)